Domain Analytics

Gain market intelligence into traffic patterns of other websites and better understand your competitors and opportunities.

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You may have insights into your own website traffic, but what are the traffic trends and patterns associated with other websites and most importantly, your competitors? Find out the number of visitors, bounce rate, session time, most popular geographies, upstream sites and much more.

Domain Analytics
  • Benchmark

    Compare your website within your vertical sector, or pier group and uncover a website’s global ranking and history.

  • Competitor analytics

    Understand your competitor’s traffic patterns more closely. How efficient are their bounce rate, monthly visits and time on site?

  • Audience behaviour

    Find out more about a website’s audience behaviour and how you can improve your on-site goals and conversions.

  • Marketing effectiveness

    Gain insight into a website’s marketing reach and effectiveness by viewing unique visitors, page views and traffic history.

  • Audience overlap

    See which other websites have similar audiences to your own website.

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