Keyword Research

Use this research to raise your search rankings, create stronger content, increase your visibility and become more competitive.

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The value of strong keywords cannot be understated. Use our keyword research tools to uncover the best keywords to use globally and nationally. Use Search Volume and Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) to understand the competition on Google SERP. Uncover similar keywords and phrases to capture long tail opportunities. Use Keyword Rank Tracking to alert you to changes. Group keywords, or uncover suggestions and much more.

Keyword research
  • Keyword volume

    Uncover the overall popularity for a given keyword both globally and nationally.

  • Keyword Effectiveness Index

    Instantly identify the level of competition required to rank on Google SERP for a particular keyword.

  • Youtube channel and Vloggers

    Increase your video audience views and subscribers with selected keywords.

  • Similar keywords

    Make adjustments for popular matched keywords by using suggested similar keywords and their effectiveness.

  • Keyword rank tracking

    Track your favourite keywords over time. Receive daily, weekly or monthly alerts for changes on your keyword rankings.

  • Keyword trends

    Gain a historical record of the keyword trend showing the keyword popularity over time.

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