Competitor Research

Find out who your competitors are and what strategies they are using to help you position your business.

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Competitive market information provides valuable insights and also new opportunities. Use our powerful platform to uncover the competitive hierarchy together with activity and visibility. Find out competitors that have bid on similar keywords in Adwords and see their ads. Uncover competitor referring domains to provide leads for co-operation with other website owners.

Competitor research
  • Competitor keyword ranking

    List your competitors in organic search and see the number of shared keywords.

  • Competitor graph

    Visualise your competitors in our competitor graph and identify their size and visibility.

  • Compare competitor keywords

    Identify competitors with shared, unique and missing keywords to drive opportunities.

  • Position tracking

    Track competitive keyword positions over time to gain an insight into their history.

  • Adwords used

    Uncover your competitor’s ads to uncover the wording that used and their bid on similar keywords.

  • Competitor referring domains

    Discover which websites link to your competitors, so that you can reach out to them and develop new business relationships.

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